How does social media as a technology affect sleeping patterns?


Social media is used every day all day by the majority of the population and is seen as an incredible advance the way we all live our lives, but this constant technology usage must have some negative effects on our day to day lives, as everything has side-effects.

I’m going to look into the ‘possible’ reasons that could affect sleeping patterns through excessive usage of social media.

Friends 24/7


On platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is it possible to stay in contact with your friends 24/7, a great idea, yes but this means that you no long need to go out and to talk with your friends you can just start online chats (e.g. status comments, chat options). Although this means that friends from different parts of the world can communicate normally, it also means that people that live relatively close to each other will not be leaving their homes. Studies have shown that staying in your house all day (‘not getting any fresh air’) can leave the person too relaxed and therefore when wanting to go to sleep not feeling as tired as they might of wanted.



The biggest and personally the best social media messaging service is provided by Facebook. Facebook has a fully operating chat service which allows users to see when there ‘Friends’ are online and even if they are using a Facebook Mobile. This means that people can message each other over the internet for free. Also being able to use a mobile phone to chat means that you can do this from your bed or anywhere you wish. Using a mobile phone in bed for messaging has been proven to increase the chances of struggling to sleep as the brain takes longer to ‘cold down’ after use from concentrating on messaging.

Only effecting the younger generation?


Many studies only show that technology is affecting people from younger generations. This is probably the biggest group of people being affected by Social Media technology but surely not the only people affected.

As Social Media grows so does the type of people using it. When social media first started it was most popular with adolescent ages because the technology was a relatively big step for older generations. But now older generations are gaining understanding of how the internet works and are gradually using Social Media platforms more and more.

I feel that in time the over usage of Social Media will begin to affect the older generations as much as it currently is doing with the younger.

(Internet) Celebrities


It is possible on Twitter to ‘follow’ celebrities. Most people look up to them and want to live their lives like them. This means that people may just be watching a certain celebrity’s Twitter feed to see what they are doing and how they live there life. A big factor of this is ‘the rise of the YouTube celebrities’, made famous by the internet these type of stars will often engage their ‘followers’ by telling them over social media that there is a new video being uploaded soon. Internet stars are spread all over the world, in different time zones so they will all release their media at different times of the day. Followers never want to miss out on a video or other celebrity media and could stay up later than they normally would just waiting for it.

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‘Just not if you’re in bed, okay?’


Louie Flint,



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