Switch It Off

The impossible task of turning off and forgetting about the deadline the next day or the game you wish to complete seems a fight every night. The thing is that people don’t understand they are ruining there sleeping patterns by doing this.

As the picture above shows we all do it. We all have “Oh just one more go” or “one more paragraph” then it turns into another two hours and, its turned 4am and your up at 6am for an important meeting or school. You need to get to a time and say “that’s enough”. We all need to work but our bodies also need to rest and switch off. It is healthy for us, now matter how much you wish to play your game.

Keep The Office Separate

You know that moment where your sat up doing work and you start feeling tired and fed up of sat up in a chair? So you think ill take my laptop and lie in bed with it? Well don’t. Your bed and your bedroom in fact is your place for relaxation, your break away from the work and the struggles that keep you busy through out the day. It is very important that you keep the office away from the bedroom and keep the bedroom as relaxing and with very little reminders of the work that feels also very heavy on your shoulders.

From my experience, I do use my consoles, PC and work in my bedroom but i play the consoles, and work sat up at my desk but that’s because i have no other choice. I find if i sit up and work enough, and then when it comes to that moment of about 11pm and i am fed up of slouching, i turn it all off. Then when i get in my bed it feels like a nice relaxing place to be and it helps me shut off. If you do have the space to have a separate office then definitely do it.

Work hard, Relax harder.

Thanks for Reading!

Gary Henshall




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