The effects of gaming on sleeping patterns

Gamers have always had a reputation for being anti-social with abnormal sleeping patterns, but are our assumptions correct?

A number of, sleeping, research studies have been directed at the younger generation. And the modern day teenager loves nothing more than a good “shoot ‘em up” computer game. So has the new generation of gamers become the cause of teenager’s non-existent early nights and lack of motivation to get up in the morning? Studies suggest due to hormone imbalance melatonin is released at a later time during teenage years, meaning for some it just isn’t possible to have an early night, also their natural body clock shifts to a later waking time – so being a zombie waking up for class is for most teenager’s an unavoidable reality. So before we even reflect on the effects of gaming, it is clear that younger gamers (who make up the majority of all gamers) are often already lacking the necessary quantity of sleep.

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